A Message from our New General Manager and Artistic Director

January 14, 2009, 11:04 AM
By New York City Opera
New York City Opera's Board of Directors has named George Steel as our new General Manager and Artistic Director.  You can read the press release here


September 23, 2010
Richard deCosta said:
Well played. But have you Got Space Opera? http://kck.st/bKgAui Richard deCosta
March 09, 2010
alexa said:
Congratulations to everyone. I think it's great and I hope he will continue all of the great programs like Big Deal too! <a rel="follow" href="http://www.topcarsrent.ro">masini de inchiriat</a>
February 28, 2009
Timmay said:
I wish Mr. Steel luck but it's disturbing to see NYCO so willingly discount what it achieved during the Paul Kellog era. Was that chopped liver that we were duped into buying? And only now are we getting the good stuff? Seems like everything Mr. Steel is promising (people from Dance, like Mark Morris, directors from outside opera, like Mark Lamos, little known repetoire, like "Vanessa" ) was already delivered by Robin Thompson during his tenure. I feel a bit betrayed to be honest. I think this is basically a Hail Mary pass which has been known to work only two or three times. Good luck NYCO and Mr. Steel honest. I just wish you folks on the inside had the respect for what you already have accomplished that I have, maybe if you had you wouldn't be backed into a corner now.
January 27, 2009
RN said:
sounds wonderful. also, please bring back einstein on the beach for 09.
January 21, 2009
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak said:
Congratulations, George! You'll be happy to know that the opera/discussionyou blessed is going on apace, not without help from the City Opera! I'm glad you'll remain in the City. Come see the production on 3/28.
January 20, 2009
Steve Cantrell said:
George - Congratulations! I remember way back when you were putting on fabulous concerts in the Great Hall of The Cooper Union. It is so heartening that you will be taking the helm of this wonderful institution.
January 18, 2009
Lida Wilson said:
We enjoyed Antony and Cleopatra -What a special concert that was. Our guests described it as "luscious."
January 18, 2009
Eva M. Heater said:
NYC Opera could not have made a better choice than George Steel. He is an amazing musician and will be New York City's greatest musical asset, if he isn't already.
January 17, 2009
Brantwood said:
wilber, January 14, 2009 "I don't like him." Well Wilber, you're going to have to get over it - he is going to be at NYCO for a LONG time (D.V.) I have known George for quite a while, and occasionally he had done things I found very objectionable, but, that said, I would go on to say that, after having had myself a lifetime as an arts manager of sorts, I put George Steel "up there" with Harvey Lichtenstein at BAM and Lincoln Kirstein at the NYCB. He has a very rare (VERY rare, believe me) combination of talents: above all, imagination; followed by a penchant for raising money; and then psychic energy and physical stamina; and - to a very unusual extent - an ability to focus like the proverbial (recently coined proverb) laser beam. Yes, I can see how people could react negatively to the ups and downs involving the Dallas Opera, but the words quoted in the Times yesterday coming from the chair of the Dallas trustees ought to stop any further blame coming in his direction. I know this field very well, and, believe me, only a loser-cum-masochist of gargantuan size in the world of administering the arts (world-wide!) would turn down the chance to head up this - the only word that makes sense - UNIQUE institution. So welcome aboard, captain! And bon voyage!
January 16, 2009
Bonnie Williams said:
So happy you got rid of the mortician. I was looking forward only to Death in Venice and the St. Francis, and hope you will consider them in some form for the future. I too will likely renew my subscription and see if I can scrape together a donation now that you've come to your senses.
January 15, 2009
C. Hutzler said:
It is so exciting. I can't wait!
January 15, 2009
Ilovenewyork said:
January 15, 2009
Cynthia said:
Congratulations to everyone. I think it's great and I hope he will continue all of the great programs like Big Deal too!
January 15, 2009
Marie said:
Thank Goddess, indeed! Thank, you Mark Morris. I found myself going to BAM and the Miller Theater more often than NYCO, but that will probably change back now. Finally, someone that 'gets it'! And he was right under our nose the whole time. I'm going to renew right now-
January 15, 2009
Jane said:
What a refreshing change from the awful spectre of Gerard Mortier! Mr. Steel sounds like someone who understands what the City Opera means to those of us who have long supported it. I may decide to renew my subscription after all.
January 14, 2009
robert ernst castellitz said:
gongratulations to the city opera and george steel. where can i apply for a job at the city opera????
January 14, 2009
wilber said:
i dont like him.
January 14, 2009
Kaori Kitao said:
Excellent choice. Deux ex Machina, heaven-sent. What Next? A lot, I'm sure.
January 14, 2009
Helga said:
What wonderful news! This gives us all something to look forward to!
January 14, 2009
Kathleen Paton said:
As a longtime City Opera subscriber, all I can I say is hallelujah saints be praised! (I was going to say "thank God," but Mr. Morris said it better.)

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